The science of defining the target audience of your company

Steps to follow to reach your ideal client

When carrying out digital marketing campaigns, creating a specific target is one of our priorities. For this reason, we have found it relevant to define this concept, show why it is important for your company and, through an example, show you how it is represented through the buyer persona.

What is the target audience?

The target audience is the set of people to whom a company seeks to sell a product or service. At present, the term buyer persona also resonates, which we could define as the client prototype that we expect in the company. This prototype will be carried out through a representation that is as realistic as possible of a real consumer.

Why has it become essential to define the target audience to identify the ideal client? Find out.

  1. In any business, whether it is digital or not, wanting to address everyone is not to penetrate anyone. In the digital age, this is heightened. The audience you can reach is much wider; however, you don't want to reach just anyone. Your campaigns won't be visible to the entire world but only to those seeking to buy a certain product or service that you might be selling.
  2. Once the segmentation is carried out and knowing who you are targeting, it is easier to execute an effective marketing strategy with clear and realistic objectives.
  3. This will guide you not to waste your time and money. Therefore, you will optimize your resources that will make you go directly to your potential buyers.
  4. If you know your audience, you will know what they need. Having this information, you will understand your consumers' problems and, therefore, you will offer them solutions.
  5. Each person has different tastes, hobbies and behaviors online. For this reason, we visit or interact with different websites and social networks. 

How do you create the buyer persona for your company?

First, develop your prospect's demographic information

Are you going to target men, women, or both? How old are they? What is their relationship status? Are they studying, working or unemployed? Where do they live (country and region)? This is the more general bias that will allow you to narrow the public to a great extent to approach the future buyer.

Second, you must consider their socio-cultural level

What level of income do they have? What languages do they speak? What customs do they have? Do they identify with clear values? What degrees have they completed? Do they play any sport? In this section, you will develop the personality of your client.

Third, we must know why they need us.

What problems does this buyer persona that you are creating have? How do you deal with these conflicts? This will allow you to know if your company solves some of these concerns and how to connect emotionally with your clients.

Fourth, the digital behaviors of your prototype

What social networks does it work them? Is it participatory with the content, or is it limited to buying? What formats are most attractive to them? You will know where to advertise, and you will not waste time where your client is not.

Let's carry out a practical example to visualize to what extent you should create as if you were playing the sims, your buyer persona.

Buyer persona example: Hair & Care Services

This company is a Noida based hair & care service provider that performs all kinds of cuts and usual services. It seeks to differentiate itself from its competition with the best results for radical look changes and fantasy color dyes.

Mission: Their mission is to offer a unique service in Delhi NCR with quality results whose main objective is to satisfy the client's needs realistically and passionately. 

Vision: To be the reference hairdresser for radical and different transformations in the city.


Honesty - Color changes mean going through bleaching processes in the vast majority of our clients. We are honest, if your hair is not going to support it, we will not make this radical change, but we will put at your disposal different ways to prepare your hair for the color you are looking for.

Proactivity - With the constant research, we always keep an eye on the latest news and styles. So the fantasy color you want combines perfectly with a cut to the last.

Eco-friendly – Our awareness of the environment leads us to work only with cruelty-free products and low contamination rates in their manufacture; In addition to carrying them out, as far as possible, with natural and sustainably grown products.

Once we are clear about these points, that is, who I am, who I want to become and how I will achieve it, I will be clear about who I am going to address. My clients will be women between the ages of 18 and 25; students who could combine their training with a job. They are from Noida and their surroundings.

They belong to a middle-class family. They speak several languages: English, Hindi, etc. They have higher education, either at university or through modules. They are not partially religious, but they find everything related to the horoscope, tarot cards, karma ... In general, they trust energies. They are creative girls connected with art and new trends. 

Many of them will want to study or will find themselves studying things related to art and culture; fine arts, graphic design, illustration, painting, photography, cinema, etc. In addition, they are very fond of the cinema and the services of video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix or Prime Video. Among his recommendations on these platforms, animation series and films cannot be absent.

On many occasions, they have thought of changing their hair color radically and differently, but they have not dared because:

  • They have not found anyone specialized in these dyes.
  • They have not ventured to do it at home because they have seen too many videos where the discolorations do not end well.
  • They want to opt for environmentally friendly products.
  • They are looking for a very specific color, and in the rest of the hairdressers, they have not been able to give the results they expected.
  • They are young people who actively participate in social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, consumed through mobile phones. Also, they like to follow content on YouTube or Twitch using their computers. But, above all, they use Instagram and Pinterest to look at hairstyles, fancy colors, and hair care tips.

This could be the first description of your buyer persona, but much more could be extended.

Many companies do not dare to segment their potential buyers so much. Here at Nimbus DigiTech, we establish the prototype of your ideal consumer, does not mean that a person outside of those parameters cannot become your client. On the contrary, it means that you will direct your efforts to get the maximum number of profiles within that segmentation; everything outside of it will be a plus.