The Fantastic Four Here's how you improve the image of your small & medium businesses!

It is normal to lose perspective and it is that when one walks every day working on the same concepts, he ends up not knowing how to communicate them. If you feel identified and keep asking yourself, "How to improve the image of SME in Noida," here’s our dedication to answer your query with the four fantastic ideas. 

We did it! We have found the perfect definition of branding. Let's stop with strategies, plans and juggling: Branding is an art that moves at the heart's impulse. What do you think? Yes, we, too, have been stunned. And it is that sometimes we get so complicated that we do not see what is important: passion and telling a good story.

Now you also want to be part of this concept. Here we leave you the four essentials to launch your SME towards success.

The four great ways to create an authentic brand image

Like you, your brand is also made up of a body and a soul. The soul of your brand is what will reach the hearts of your customers. If you succeed, they will never kick you out of there.

       1. Storytelling: Be magic

If you thought that being a company in Noida would limit your scope, you were very wrong. In fact, with digital marketing, you have all the power in your hands, and you no longer have excuses. We all love hearing stories. You, too, are not fooling us. Well, that's exactly what your audience wants, that you tell them a story.

Each company has a story that turned them into a brand or as the Millennials calls it – the legend. Go back in time if necessary. Ask your predecessors if it is a family business. And, above all, give it shape. Then communicate it. You can create a video; write a short story about who we are on your website... Any format is valid.

But remember: be magical.

       2. Online reputation: the customer is the king

Know your online presence

You must know and, above all, take care of your online presence from this moment. If you have never done an exhaustive search for content about your company on the net, stop reading this post and get to it! We'd rather run the risk of losing you than let it go longer.

Did you know that free tools inform you when people talk about you online? Activate Google Alerts to get notifications every time your brand is mentioned on the Internet. It is a free tool, but you must have a Gmail. Then it is simply a matter of adding the words or phrases for which you want Google to alert you.

Your followers don't want to speak alone

And even more important is to be careful with your social profiles. No comment should be left unanswered. And by responding, we do not mean a standard message for all customers. That is not worth it.

Respond personally to each comment offering a solution or simply thanking your follower for their interaction, as the case may be. And yes, it also responds to criticism. These are the ones you should take care of the most.

       3. Your website is everything

It is the platform where you can communicate absolutely everything. You will only need to give your users a virtual hug. And time to time. Almost any initiative has a place on your website.

Link your social networks

It is a must. And if you want to go further, some plugins show the latest interactions from your Facebook or Twitter in real-time on your website. But to use these types of plugins, make sure you have active profiles.

Storytelling hooks

If you have listened to us and have created a video or a story about the history of your company, it must appear in a highly visible way on your site. Even if you later spread it on other platforms or if your video is stored on YouTube or Vimeo. It must also be displayed on your website; that is your identity.

Tell your customers things.

A good option is to include a blog section on your website. It will take dedication and perseverance, but it will be worth it! A blog can be a good asset to position yourself organically in search engines like Google and show you as a reference company within your sector.

       4. The beginnings of time: in case you are starting

Take advantage of your beginnings or your restart to position yourself as a responsible company. Corporate social responsibility is an increasingly important value for brands.

And that's not all! But for today, we have run out of space. Keep learning in the next posts about digital marketing for SMEs in Noida from Nimbus DigiTech's blog. Subscribe!